September 12, 2006

Cronan: Arrogance by Clemson?

RR Marshall: Peter, the pulsating 34-33 BC win over Clemson in double overtime still has Eagle Nation talking days later. When I talked with you prior to game last week you were a little apprehensive about the game, why so?

Pete Cronan: Two weeks ago the closer I got to the game against Central Michigan the more concerned I became because I realized this was a better team than most people realized. I began last week with a great deal of apprehension but as the week wore on I grew more confident that BC matched up well with Clemson. The game had the makings of a runaway in the first quarter. Clemson came out strong and BC looked like they were still playing Central Michigan. They were making lots of mistakes and were lucky to get out of the first half trailing by only seven points. But in the second half the Eagles definitely played at a different emotional level with this opponent and ultimately had a few more guns than Clemson in the end. This was just a great team effort, and as satisfying a win as I can remember for the program.

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