September 12, 2006

Dorrell meets the press - Part II

In part two Coach Karl Dorrell reiterates the plan for practice and things the team needs to improve on. After viewing the tape there was more to like than first thought. After all the defense held Rice to under 200 total offensive yards and the offense was five for five in the red zone.

What is going to be your plan this week in practice? What do you want to accomplish

Dorrell: "Well I mentioned that really in that whole mouthful (part one) I talked about there's a lot for us to still work with to get our guys better. There is a lot of stuff to improve.

"I think they have to be in the mindset of really wanting to get things executed better in a number of respects so I think we are just going to keep trudging through with getting better, week after week.

"We have to keep getting better offensively with paying attention to those critical things in critical situations.

"Defensively I'm sure they are going to continue to work on tackling on the perimeter. I think everybody thinks we can tackle better on the perimeter on the defense, but boy our effort is good.

"Offensively we just need consistency. We need to go out there and perform with consistency and stressing and doing the little competitive things in practice so that we are able to do those things consistently in the games."

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