September 14, 2006

Tigers try to ignore the hype

By now, it is old news: In the last few years, Missouri has had a tendency to lose games it shouldn't lose. It is also old news that there is a different feeling around the Tiger program this year.

With one of those typical "trap games" looming at New Mexico on Saturday night, the question is exactly why the Tigers feel so confident they can avoid the typical letdown.

"Probably just experience and the guys that we have, most of us as seniors have been here four or five years," said senior David Overstreet. "We've been through the ups and the downs, from when we had bad seasons, when we had good ones and everyone's telling us you guys are doing good to when it goes back downhill real fast."

There have been plenty of ups so far this season. But that is exactly the issue at hand. In each of the last four years, the Tigers have started to experience a modicum of success, only to be shoved from the mountaintop very, very quickly.

"This is something we addressed all through two-a-days. I addressed it with the seniors, I addressed it with the captains," Pinkel said. "It would be wise for us to be very cautious, wouldn't you agree?"

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