September 20, 2006

Part III: Early NFL outlook for ASU players

The recipe for entry into the NFL isn't simple. There are various factors to calculate when scouts analyze a player's ability to play in the NFL. Size and speed are given factors, but scouts also analyze pedigree, production, work ethic, leadership and intelligence, among other factors.

With more and more Arizona State player going on to play in the NFL, such as Terrell Suggs, Andrew Walter, and Derek Hagan, we have understandably come to expect a steady pipeline of NFL caliber recruits to come to Tempe.

Since 1997, Arizona State has sent the second more players to the NFL than any other school in the Pac-10, save USC, and the Trojans only passed the Sun Devils recently. 38 players in nine years would indicate that every year players from Arizona State will get their shot at paydays in the NFL. And with pro-bowlers like Jake Plummer, Todd Heap, and Suggs there is reason to believe that ASU will not only continue to send players to the pros, but will also send future stars.

In part three of this three part feature, here is a look at some more of the potential future NFL players on the ASU roster

Josh Barrett, S, 6-2, 227 lbs. Junior

Quite possibly the most athletically gifted player on the entire Sun Devil roster, Barrett is an almost unbelievable physical specimen with a package of size and speed is that virtually unheard of in the program in recent years. In a 2005 race during fall camp, Barrett was the fastest player on the roster, and to do that at his size and considering the position he plays, is jaw dropping. He is without a doubt a legitimate sub-4.4 second 40-yard dash guy and that is the type of thing that can't possibly go unnoticed by NFL scout.

Barrett's ASU career got off to a rough start because of shoulder injuries that lingered for much of his first several years in the program. He actually played as a true freshman and initially got hurt in the first game of his career, in 2003 against Northern Arizona. His shoulder problems lingered until 2005 and only last season did he finally begin to play with complete confidence and reckless abandon.

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