September 20, 2006

Defense is lucky

At the current rate, the Boston College defense will give up close to 6,000 yards this season. That is not a typo.

Yes we have all heard about the "bend but don't break" defense and analyzed the BC's scheme of "keeping the ball in front of you" and the fact that BC is 3-0 as of right now, but this can not continue. Eventually, Jamie Silva is not going to get to the interception, the extra point is going to be good and the opposition is not going to run the swinging gate when they have all of the momentum.

In other words, this defense is built on luck and that luck is going to run out.

Why luck? Why luck this time and not good decision making, as has been in the past? Well the cover two, deep zone defense works when and only when you have a good pass rush and run stoppage. Last year, both existed. This year, neither do and when combination exists, the current BC strategy means a free for all for wide receivers and quarterbacks of opposing teams.

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