September 26, 2006

BC-NC State: Cold 11

Imagine going out and buying a 12-pack of beer and coming home to find only 11 beers in the case. Your reaction to Boston College's loss Saturday night might have been slightly more outraged than that. Thus the title "Cold 11" for this segment. Normally I do a "Hot 11" for B.C. after each game highlighting 11 players/coaches that stepped up for that game. I couldn't come up with 11 guys "worthy" of that type of honor this week. Thus, here are some of the culprits for B.C.'s loss Saturday.

Tom O'Brien - Each season there are teams across the country that lose an extra game or two a year, because of poor clock management in the 4th quarter. You can chalk up a "1" in that column for B.C. in 2006.
First off, O'Brien made a big mistake with the clock on a punt. With just over 4:30 left in the 4th quarter, N.C. State forced B.C. to punt from the 50-yard line. Instead of waiting for the play clock to wind down to 0:01 and call a timeout, or instead of taking the 5-yard delay of game penalty, Johnny Ayers punted the ball away with 11 seconds on the play clock. Think that B.C. could've used those 11 seconds to tick off the clock?

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