October 8, 2006

Venables' defense can't do it all

Looking at the OU-Texas box score, the Oklahoma defense had a very productive day on Saturday in the Cotton Bowl. The Sooners only surrendered 232 yards of total offense to Texas. But the scoreboard reads 28-10 in favor of Texas.

What went right and what went wrong for Brent Venables and his OU defense on Saturday? He talked about the loss to Texas and the expectations of his defense in the future. Venables also talked about his evaluation of his team's play on Saturday.

On how close the defense was to having a very solid performance...

You've got to come up with turnovers and we gave up the one in man-to-man and gave up a cheap score. That was kind of the game.

We were close. The play before the touchdown, Nic Harris was in great position and steps in front of it. It wasn't as much Nic as their guy made a great play to kind of come back and take it from Nic. Those are the kind of game-changing plays that they made and we didn't. We were just off. That was kind of typical of the day for us.

On how well his defense played in the second quarter...

There was a good part of the game where we did play well. I think they worked us early in the second half with some runs and kind of kept us off balance and put together one good drive. They had us off balance running the ball.

Otherwise I was really happy with our guy's effort and that's not to say our execution can't be a lot better. We can be better. They ran the counter play and we need to defend it a lot better.

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