October 11, 2006

Show it to me Beeks

Dear Josh Beekman,

I write this open letter to you as a big fan of your work at Boston College. I have always liked your aggressive style, hustle downfield and the way you play until the whistle blows.

I remember attending a scrimmage this August and laughing to myself when I thought of how the ACC defensive linemen would have to deal with you. With your tree trunk legs, low base and desire to crush opponents, I almost felt sorry for they would soon face.

As a Boston College fan I bragged to all my buddies, fans of bigger programs like Miami, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Texas and Southern Cal, about you. You were a first-team All American candidate and the most physical linemen since Chris Snee. I told them to watch out for No. 75 this year whenever BC was on television.

Then the NC State rolled around. It was a huge game on television that Saturday night so everyone I knew was watching. They were looking for No. 75 and waiting to see bodies fall by the wayside. Instead they saw Tank Tyler push you around the field.

I tried to explain to them that you were playing out of position at center and your inside help often didn't arrive in time, but it was too late. All the hype and buildup was ruined in what seems to be your worst game in a BC uniform. It's for this reason that I'm writing you. No, it's for this reason that I'm challenging you.

Thursday night against the Hokies is your chance for redemption, not only to fans like myself but also to numerous NFL scouts who were disappointed in your performance against NC State. And most importantly it's a chance for redemption for yourself.

I know how hard you work and I know how upset you must have been following the NC State loss, not just for yourself but for your teammates. As team captain, you put a lot on your broad shoulders and nothing less than maximum effort will be accepted.

So here's my challenge to you. Thursday night when you play the Hokies, show BC nation the Josh Beekman we are used to. Show the nation, this time on an even bigger stage, how good you are. Make Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit mention you so often in a positive manner that they're calling you "Beeks" by the end of the broadcast.

The NC State game was a setback for BC and for you personally and the Maine game doesn't matter. But tomorrow night under the national spotlight it can all be erased with consistent and ruthless domination of your opponent.

Show me and the rest of the BC fans exactly what I was laughing to myself about that August day. Make us feel sorry for your opponent by rolling over them time and time again.

Show it to me Beeks.

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