October 17, 2006

Tuesday's Top Tigers

A loss is a loss, but there was still a lot to like about Missouri's setback at Texas A&M over the weekend. Each Tuesday from now until the end of the season, PowerMizzou.com will present its top Tigers. One week has no bearing on the next. This is simply a representation of the 11 players who, in our estimation, had the best week. Here is our ranking from the A&M game:

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Tuesday's Top Tigers
1 Darnell Terrell, CB I did not watch the film, but I would have a hard time believing Terrell's man did much of anything. He is becoming a big-time corner and has really helped the lack of depth. He made one big third-down tackle to get the ball back late. 8
2 Adam Crossett, P An 80-yard punt will get you on here anytime. Even his worst punt was downed near the 20. Crossett had his best game of the year, and kickoffs were never an issue. NR
3 Chase Daniel, QB Eight incompletions, 295 yards and some big runs. No interceptions. Should have had at least two touchdowns. The kid has huge heart and he is pretty talented too. 5