October 17, 2006

NU Notes: Callahan and Taylor want noise

Nebraska starting quarterback Zac Taylor's message is pretty clear as to what he wants from the Husker faithful on Saturday.

Taylor said he wants to see Memorial Stadium at its loudest stage ever for this weekend's showdown with the Texas Longhorns.

"Just playing last week at K-State, it wasn't the loudest game I've played in, but it gave us a lot of problems in the huddle," Taylor said. "A lot of times the clock is running down and I have to speak real fast and you can't hear real well. That's what we need from our crowd this week.

"We need this to be the loudest game we've every played in-especially when Texas's offense is in the huddle. I think the crowd tends to quiet down naturally because they tend to wait until the team gets to the line of scrimmage. When they are in the huddle the noise causes the most problems, so the fans can really help us out in that respect."

Taylor joked that he's also tired of playing on the road the last two weeks and he's looking forward to being able to play behind the home crowd for this first time this month.

"We always have a great crowd and they're always loud," Taylor said. "This game is no different and I think they can really help us out this game. They just need to give Texas's offense some problems and I think that can really help us out.

"I've been on the road the last two weeks and I'm kind of tired of that happening to me, so our crowd can really help us out on that."

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