October 19, 2006

Excitement continues in Westwood

One more practice early this morning (Thursday October 19th) and it's off to South Bend for one of the most anticipated games in recent UCLA history. From the coaches, players and fans there is an excitement about game against the legendary Notre Dame football program. The Bruins are fired up and feel they have something to prove on a national stage.

"We're getting more and more excited about this opportunity to go out there and play," Dorrell said. "I think the players knowing that we are leaving tomorrow (after Thursday's practice) to get acclimated out there to play a great game on Saturday, it's at that point where it's right there in front of them and I can sense there is some excitement about this type of experience.

"Hopefully that translates into great execution and great play with all the excitement and that's what we have been talking about all week getting our guys ready to play - just play well and play better than how we have been playing. Keep improving and make a few plays here and there. Get our defense back on track. Let our offense get a chance to do a few things and play solid on special teams and see how that holds up.

"I think we're going to be in pretty good shape. I feel good about this game. I think we have the right mindset going in to it and now it's about getting it done."

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