October 30, 2006

BC-Buffalo Hot 11

Boston College's 41-0 drubbing of Buffalo is everything that BC fans could've hoped for. The team accomplished two big goals on Saturday. First off, the Eagles were able to pummel an opponent. Make no mistake about it, this game was over in the 1st quarter. The Eagles have now moved up a couple of sports to #16 in both polls. If BC had won by only 14-17 points, this might not have happened.

Secondly, BC was able to give a lot of their regulars about half the workload they're used to, so that they are fresh for Wake Forest. In particular, Matt Ryan was given the day off, so BC didn't have to risk injuring their star more seriously on the slippery field. This gave some of the backup players some good game action, and most of them took full advantage of their opportunity to play, as you will see below.

Speaking of BC's ranking, and not that it really matters at this point in the season, but it's an absolute joke that teams like Rutgers and Boise State are ranked ahead of BC. Sorry, but wins against Pittsburgh and Oregon State (even with their win this weekend) don't impress me too much. I swear sometimes the voters just ask their interns for a list of each team and their win-loss record and pick their rankings in that way. I digress, onto the "Hot 11"....

Tom O'Brien - All too often we've heard that TOB can't get his team ready to play against weaker opponents, and that BC often plays to the level of their opposition. Even some in the Boston media have suggested that TOB isn't the right man for the job( I won't mention any names Pete Sheppard), and BC should look at someone else to lead the team to a conference championship. All of those critics must be on vacation today after BC's white washing of Buffalo on Saturday.

Chris Crane - Ideally, most quarterbacks wouldn't want to have their 1st collegiate start in a monsoon. However, Crane still managed to make himself look pretty good in the worst weather that BC has played in all season. Perhaps the most impressive strength that Crane feautured was his ability to scramble. We all knew he could run, but he was downright elusive at times on Saturday. Crane brought me back to the days of Willie Hicks while watching him this weekend.

Mark Herzlich - You can add Herzlich's name to the list of freshman that have made a huge impact for BC this season. Each game we have seen the young lineman make a play here or there. Against Buffalo, Herzlich was an absolute beast registering 11 solo tackles and a forced fumble. Here's to hoping Herzlich can put together more performances like that.

L.V. Whitworth - If Whitworth was allowed to play the entire game he might have run for 200 yards. I can guarantee you that Whitworth will not have another 40+ yard run this season where he goes untouched like he did on his 43-yard TD run against the Bulls.

Offensive Line - It didn't matter whether Whitworth or Callender was in the backfield, because both players had holes wider than Rosie O'Donnell's butt to run through.

Mark Palmer - It isn't easy being the fullback at BC this season. Not too many plays are called for Palmer to touch the ball, especially when Brian Toal handles most of the short yardage plays. With that being said it was good to see senior Mark Palmer catch three passes and get his 1st TD of the season.

Mike McLaughlin - McLaughlin was all over the place on special teams as he registered at least 3 solo tackles. Overall, McLaughlin had 7 tackles on the day.

Clarence Megwa - Megwa's block on DeJuan Tribble's long punt return was the definition of "knocking the socks off of your opponent".

DeJuan Tribble - If it wasn't raining, Tribble would've definetly taken his 69-yard punt return the distance for a touchdown. Is it just me, or is Tribble getting progressively better at returning punts as the season goes on?

A.J. Brooks - If you've attended any BC games this season it's tough not to notice Brooks on the sideline. The 3rd string running back is one of the most animated players you'll see on the field, even if he doesn't get that much playing time. With that in mind he has to be in this list after notching his 1st career TD.

B.J. Raji - It's not too often you see a player in the "Hot 11" with their stat line reading 0 tackles, but for the time that Raji got to play, he was quite impressive. On numerous occasions Raji battled through double teams into the Buffalo backfield to lead the way for one of his teammates to make a tackle. Some of the grunt work he did will surely be shown on his NFL Draft highlight reel.

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