November 15, 2006

Bruins look good on Tuesday

Coach Karl Dorrell was very pleased with the hop, skip and jump his team that his team displayed during Tuesday's practice. It's no too surprising. What a difference a win makes. The Bruins have two more games on the season and they need one victory to get Bowl eligible. Are the Bruins getting their act together in the nick of time? Saturday's game will tell the tale on that.

As he does after every practice, Coach Dorrell met with the media.

Dorrell: "Good practice. It's good to have that feeling after a win going back to work. Everyone is excited about this week. That was a good Tuesday practice. There was a lot of action and a lot of intensity. We know it's a great challenge to go in there and play Arizona State at home.

"We haven't won a game on the road and that's a big, big challenge for us, but our heads are in the right place in terms of what we need to do to accomplish that type of thing so we had a good, good practice today and we will be ready by the end of the week. I was very pleased with what I saw today.

How did the quarterbacks look today?

Dorrell: "The quarterbacks looked good. Ben Olson is getting reps in there. I saw him stepping up in the pocket so he's getting the kinks out of there if that is what you are asking and Patrick Cowan is doing well. Both of them are getting plenty of work to get their skills ready to go."

Was Ben getting that soreness today between reps that he had last week?

Dorrell: "He just gets stiff a little bit not doing anything, which is what happens with that particular injury with a knee. Once he's moving around and getting reps constantly through practice I doubt if he ever feels it at all. Once you stop and start up again it's kind of, you got to go through the warm up process again. He's going to be fine.

"I think this is good for him just to get back out there and competing, getting a pass rush, stepping up in the pocket throwing. He will tell you he wasn't the sharpest today, which he wasn't, you don't expect him to be, but with some more practice time and getting his leg in shape getting arm in timing and everything. He will be ready to go sometime soon."

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