November 30, 2006

Stanford vs. Cal: Keys to the Game

It may seem impossible at first sight but if Stanford is going to beat Cal, the Cardinal must do these following things:

1. Force Nate Longshore to throw:

It is the same thing that Arizona and USC did and it obviously worked well. Longshore has not been playing well and Cal certainly can not feel comfortable having the game on his back. It will be interesting to see how Stanford approaches the game defensively but it would make sense to load the box. Cal's offense is very good, but as shown in the previous two games, it is also quite stoppable.

2. Do not punt it to DeSean Jackson:

Why any team would punt to the best punt returner in the country is beyond me. With that being said, there are teams that have done so and they have paid dearly. Whether it is kicking it out of bounds or simply away from him, the Cardinal must not punt it to Jackson. The team is simply not good enough to contain him on punt returns, which is not an insult when his past performances are considered.

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