December 15, 2006

2006 was a year to remember for Sam Keller

No player in college football has gone through a bigger rollercoaster of a year then senior Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller. After being name Arizona State's starting quarterback in August, former ASU coach Dirk Koetter changed his decision a day later and Keller was forced to find a new home. got a chance to interview Keller's father Mike Keller about Sam's development this year in Lincoln. Mike Keller is a professional football consultant and has worked around football for over 30 years. Get an inside look of what the Keller family has gone through this past season in this exclusive Q&A with Mike Keller.

Sean Callahan: As you sit back and look at how things all shook out for your family this past year, how does it feel when you look at it right now?

Mike Keller: It's a bitter sweet type of thing with all the bad stuff that happened, but all things happen for a purpose, but Sam looked at coming to Nebraska very opportunistically.

SC: Did I hear right that once school is out, Sam won't be able to practice with the team for the bowl game?

MK: That is correct. He's been practicing, but when they get into the game practice he will omitted.

SC: So once school ends on Friday, he won't be able to practice with the team until next semester?

MK: That's what we just heard and that's what the coaches have told him, so he is freed up as of Saturday. We learn new things all the time about this stuff. He's not allowed to be at the bowl game unless he gets his own way down there. They can't put him up, they can't feed him, they can't do anything. He's a redshirt, but he's a redshirt transfer which I guess is a separate category.

SC: I remember coach Callahan was saying they were looking forward to these bowl practices because they were looking forward to getting Sam in there and giving him some more work.

MK: Now he has been, he's been working his butt off. By the end of this week, he'll probably have 10 practices and he's been getting a lot of snaps. I'm not sure if it's 50-50, but he's been getting the lions share of the snaps outside of Zac.

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