January 4, 2007

All American Diary: Cody Hundertmark

Future Hawkeye Cody Hundertmark is down in Orlando this week preparing to play against some of the nation's top high school players in the inaugural East Meets West All American Game. HawkeyeReport.com caught up with the 6-foot-4, 266-pound Hundertmark for a Q&A session after the first two days of practice.

Q: How has it gone the first couple of days?

HUNDERTMARK: It's been real exciting. It seems like the first time in my career that I've actually got to go up against some guys that are really challenging and that's a lot of fun. I've never been to Florida and the weather's really nice. I've got to meet a lot of people. The coaches have some pretty impressive resumes and they know a lot about football, so it's fun learning from guys like that.

Q: Can you take us through what a typical day is like with practice and everything?

HUNDERTMARK: Well, today we got up at 7 AM and had breakfast. Then we headed out to the field and had two and a half hours of practice. We took probably an hour off for lunch and just sat around a little. The first practice was in full gear and then the second one in the afternoon was just helmets, shoulders pads, and shorts. Basically, it's the West team offense versus defense and it's really fun because it gets pretty competitive and I like that. We don't really know what the East team is going to do, so we're trying to work in a bunch of different stuff we could do against them. We have meetings where we go over our formations, how we're going to make the calls, and everything we're going to need to know to be successful during the game.

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