February 8, 2007

Dorrell impressed by quality

UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell met with the beat writers and other media types for a teleconference to discuss the recruiting class of 2007. Though the numbers are minute by all accounts the numbers are high. In the following report Dorrell goes over each recruit individually and answers other questions.

Dorrell: "The opening statement is quality. A year ago when we had a chance to get some depth in our program when we signed 13 offensive and defensive linemen, we knew that we needed that to build the core of the program up and we knew that this was going to be a small class for us and we had to put some targets on some guys early.

"We ran after the guys we wanted to at the very beginning with Brian Price and Raymond Carter and we followed up with some very good quality picks that I think were very important for us to have in this class.

"When you have a class previous to this one here in school this fall it gave us the interior depth in our program and this class that will enter this fall is going to be the quality playmakers that are going to be difference makers in our program and its future.

"I am extremely proud of our recruiting efforts and what we were able to accomplish this year. This class has been our best class so far since I have been here. It is all quality. I really liked the way we finished and we are headed in the right direction."

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