February 11, 2007

Jumbo-Athlete shines at NIKE Combine

ATLANTA, GA - A large number of jumbo-athletes around 6-foot-4, 225-pounds showed up at Douglass High School Saturday morning for the NIKE Combine, but not many put up the numbers that Bryce Ros did. This Georgia tight end/defensive end really put his name on the map and showed a lot of strength and athleticism.

"I measured in at 6-foot-4 and 223-pounds at the combine," said Ros. "I benched 185-pounds 35-times, I ran the forty in 4.7-seconds, my vertical was 32-inches, and I ran the shuttle in 4.5-seconds."

"I was pretty happy with my numbers, but my shuttle was a little low. I know I can get my forty time down to the mid to high 4.6's too. I was happy with my bench numbers and my vertical was right on."

Ros is a jumbo-athlete that plays tight end and defensive end at Kennesaw Mountain High School. He could play on either side of the ball on the next level. He talks about his game as an offensive and defensive player.

"I caught 8-passes for about 175-yards and 1-touchdown last year," he said. "I think I am a combination tight end. We don't throw the ball much in our offense, so I have a lot of practice at blocking. I think I have blocking down pretty good. I use my hands, keep my feet moving, and give it all I have every play."

"I think I have good hands too though as a receiver. I catch the ball and do something with it most of the time too, but we just don't throw it around much."

"At defensive end, I am a speed pass rusher and I go off the corner a lot. We don't use many stunts as stuff like that, so I am used to having to go one on one with the tackle."

" I'll mix it up some too - I'll go speed rush, then swim move to rip move, and just mix it up. I want those tackles to hate me before the games over."

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