February 13, 2007

Good's coach saw it all coming

Paris, Texas - Many folks claim to being able to see the future, but few have any undeniable proof of their talents. While you certainly won't hear Paris, Texas head coach Travis Smith advertising his new 1-800 number for a free reading, it's hard to deny that the Wildcats head man saw something in now-superstar offensive tackle Stephen Good long before the rest of the world was ready to.

The 6-foot-6, 300-pound Good wasn't always so big and strong but according to the entire clan in Paris he always knew he someday would be.

"Coach Smith brought Stephen in seventh grade or eighth grade and he saw something that probably nobody else saw," Kim Good, Stephen's mother, said.

The coach sat at his desk as he listened to his most high profiled player's mother sing his praises, leaning back in his chair seeming to wonder how things had moved so quickly.

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