March 2, 2007

Dawgs wrap up workouts and name King of the Mats

The Georgia Bulldogs finished up their winter workouts Thursday as they prepare for the start of spring camp on Monday March 5. Director of Strength and Conditioning Dave Van Halanger was on UGASports LIVE to talk about how the weight lifting and mat drills went for the team. He also announced the winners of the King of Mats awards. Here is a transcript of that interview.

UGASports LIVE: Now that mat drills are over, how did it go?

Van Halanger: "I thing it went well, and it might have been the best mats since we got here, and the kids gave great effort. We start off early, and then five minutes after flex, they are going 100 miles per hour.

"I liked the effort, I liked the attitude, I liked the leadership, those things that we really want to accomplish, and mental toughness. I saw it in advance, and we have been in it two months now, January and February, and after two months, I am excited.

"The weight lifting was excellent, and the midyear guys came in and really got after it. I told them today (Thursday), that it is great to have seniors like we have, because I do not have to be there all the time saying, 'Do it this way'. I can just say, 'Follow Fernando (Velasco), follow Paul Oliver, follow Kelin (Johnson), follow (Kregg) Lumpkin, because they are doing it right and they are working.' Now they do a good job because they have guys leading, and our team is unified.

"What we did today was have a good time with the kids. Coach (Mark) Richt shortened it, and we just wanted to see great effort and enthusiasm.

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