March 15, 2007

Eric Scott makes his presence felt - Part II

While for most Bruin fans new wide receiver coach Eric Scott proved his mettle as a recruiter after his stellar performance on "Sudden Saturday". There is no rest for Scott as the fans now want to know can he coach as good as he recruits? For those of us who have seen Scott coach already know the answer still the question was asked.

In part two of Scott's interview with he talks about coaches he's worked with and a lot more. You have only been on the job for one week and your impact has been felt profoundly. You have made Bruin fans believers in your ability to recruit, now the only question mark about you with the fans is your X's and O's. Could you tell the fans a little about your philosophy as a wide receiver coach? What are the things you are going to look for in a receiver? What are you going to bring to the table this spring and what are you going to be looking for with your guys and what are going to be looking for down the road?

Scott: "What a lot of people don't understand is, and I don't expect them to see it, but I've been coaching for sometime and I have been able to learn from some of the best offensive minds in college football.

"(Auburn offensive coordinator) Al Borges was the offensive coordinator when I was at UCLA. Gary Barnett was my coach when I spent a year at Northwestern, and Terry Donohue is another I have learned from.

"I just kind of learned from everybody I have been coached by. Bob Toledo is another one and of course now with Coach Karl Dorrell.

"Those some are pretty big named guys and even when they weren't talking to me directly, I was still listening indirectly, and I was watching them in pressure situations and all those types of things. You just naturally pick up those things and add them to your game.

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