March 30, 2007

Two Minute Drill: QB Taylor Potts

What is it like working behind Graham Harrell?

Taylor Potts: "It's interesting. He's a great guy and I like working with him. I am learning a lot from working behind him."

Are you and Ryan Rowland friends?

Potts: "Yes"

Do you feel like your height and size gives you and advantage?

Potts: "It does a little bit but I still can't see over some of those lineman. Sometimes you just have to peek around them. When you have guys out there like Louis (Vasquez) and Marlon (Winn) that are 6-foot-8 or 6-foot-6 it's hard to see over them. I think it gives me a little bit of an advantage being a few inches taller."

Who is your favorite receiver to throw to right now?

Potts: "Man you're going to get me in trouble with that. I think it's really easy with all of the guys out there like LA, Danny, Eric and all those guys. I honestly just look for whoever is open and I feel really comfortable throwing to all of the receivers."

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