April 5, 2007

Marcus Walker Q&A: Bouncing Back

Oklahoma's Marcus Walker has had an up-and-down career during his time in Norman. Shoulder injuries derailed Walker's first two seasons at Oklahoma but he came back with a vengeance in his junior season. Walker also has the distinction of being the man who made the biggest play of the 2006 season when he picked off Jared Zabransky for the apparent winning touchdown in last season's Fiesta Bowl.

But that play ended up wasted during Boise State's unbelievable comeback. SoonerScoop.com Editor talked with Walker about that play and the absence of his close friend Adrian Peterson from spring practices. And regardless of his roller coaster ride at Oklahoma, Walker heads into the 2007 season as one of the biggest strengths of this Sooner team.

SoonerScoop.com: I was wondering if you could talk about the spring, how it's been for you and what it's like to kind of be solidified as a starter heading into next year?
Marcus Walker:
I would ever say solidified, not at Oklahoma man. We've got great players here at every position and every position is stacked. It's a fight every day to compete and try and get better each day.

For me it's all about competing and trying to go out here and get better. I have a lot of things I need to get better at as does everybody on the team. We're all fighting to get better each day.

SS.com: Everyone looks at the way you kind of re-emerged last year as a starter, do you feel like you've started to reach your potential and the standard you hold for yourself as a cornerback?
I'm far from it. I still have a to get better tenfold at every part of my game. Coach Wright and Coach Stoops are working hard with me every day because I have a lot to get better at and that's what I'm trying to do each day.

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