April 14, 2007

Breaking down Saturday's Red-White game

Senior Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller played it pretty cool in the post game press conference on Saturday.

Keller could've walked into the room after his 10-of-13 performance for 193 yards and proclaimed that he should be NU's starting quarterback.

However, instead Keller continues to keep a level head through this process and respects the fact a starter will not be named until the week of Nebraska's season opener in September.

"Quarterbacks are a different animal," Keller said. "Me and Joe (Ganz) are extremely competitive. There can only be one guy. There are five of us here and there can only be one that can play.

"Anytime you have that kind of situation and there's an open race, guys are really going to make a push for it. It's not different (than Arizona State), but what's different is this is a different team. I have a great group of teammates around me, so it's been a really fun and interesting spring for me. What's different about this spring for me though is I've been trying to learn the offense and not just perform. (At Nebraska) I had to perform, while learn, which is a different thing for me."

When Keller describes the improvement he's made in head coach Bill Callahan's West Coast offense he used the word "miles" to describe how far he's come over 15 practices this spring.

"It's been totally night and day," Keller said. "Anything that we dial up I know exactly what we are doing. That's a good feeling.

"When it gets the most fun is when you start game planning for teams and you start figuring out ways to beat them. That's when I really love football when you start working on different teams and figure out ways to beat the guys you are playing against."

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