April 19, 2007

Powered Up: Daniel holds the key

I have sat through 12 (by the time many of you read this it will be 13) of Missouri's spring football practices. I have seen the Tigers for somewhere around 30 hours run every offensive play they have somewhere around 30 billion times. After all of that, I have come to a staggering revelation: Chase Daniel is the key to the 2007 Missouri season.

Now, hang on a minute before you call me Captain Obvious, Real Genius or something far less flattering.

I know it seems like a pretty obvious case to make, but I'm not so sure it is. In fact, the vast majority of online opinions I've seen on the matter seem to state the Missouri defense is the key to the season. Frankly, I strongly disagree.

Now, the defense could be the difference between a good season and the kind of season no Missouri fan my age has ever seen. But I think the true key to the success of these Tigers is No. 10.

Daniel had one of the all-time breakout seasons. I spent much time last year warning fans not to expect too much out of the kid. After all, he was a first year starter. He promptly went out and had the best season a Missouri quarterback has ever had, by just about any measure.

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