May 10, 2007

Mike Teel: Leading Rutgers to new heights

If this spring is any indication of things to come, Rutgers fans should relish the aerial assault that will come their way this fall. Junior quarterback back Mike Teel is looking to capitalize on the giant strides he made at the tail end of last season.

"I finally put it all together," said Teel. "Some games I was on and we had a few dropped balls, other games I was off. It's a matter of putting it all together. It's the line protecting, the receivers running the right routes at the right time and me throwing the ball and them catching it. It's not something that's real easy. But when we put it all together, as you can see, we have some guys that can make plays."

With the recovery of Tiquan Underwood, the emergence of Kenny Britt and the blazing speed of Tim Brown, Teel has three very dangerous targets. This arsenal of weapons could allow the Scarlet Knights to put the ball up in the air a lot more this season.

"As a quarterback, I want to throw the ball every time. We're going to do what gives us the best chance to win the game. We still have a kid in the backfield, number 27, who can run the ball pretty good, but it'll be fun to mix things up and keep teams off balance," said Teel.

Now that Teel has a full season as a starter to his credit, he is ready to ordain himself as one of the team's new leaders.

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