May 14, 2007

OVER/UNDER: 2,000 Yards Passing?

Last week in our first installment of Over/Under we touched on how productive the Mountaineers running attack will be in the scoring department during the 2007 season. This week, we'll raise yet another question concerning the team's offensive productivity. But, this time we will discuss how well the Mountaineers' passing game will perform in '07.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's backtrack just a bit to last week's column. A big part of how productive the rushing game will be relies directly on how well the passing attack performs. Now, this can go one of two ways. The obvious is that if the passing game were to struggle then chances are Kevin Richardson and Co., will have a much tougher time doing what they do best. In contrast, if the passing game flourishes, the ground game may still suffer just a bit, but only in numbers simply because the ball will spend more time in the air than it did a year ago.

Now, take those same scenarios and switch the roles. With that said, just as it will for the ground game, many things will play a part in what happens with the air attack.

Last season, the Mountaineers gained 2,031 total passing yards during the regular season in an offense that placed its focus predominantly on running the ball. With that laid out on the table, the question is can ASU produce more than 2,000 yards through the air during the regular season?

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