July 12, 2007

Sooner commits talk NCAA

There aren't many things that can mess up 'senior summer', a severe change to already made future plans could be one of them though. So for Oklahoma's much-ballyhooed class of 2008 that has already picked up 15 commitments, the 2 p.m. announcement of the NCAA was something potentially life-altering.

Could the Sooners lose many of their stars? Could these players see many of the rumors that outsiders had filled their heads with for the past few months come to fruition?

Well, as the announcement was released today, it seems that the Sooners got much of what was expected with many of their self-imposed penalties being accepted along with a few add-ons from the NCAA.

It seems that with the Sooner coaches having months to prepare their future stars for such penalties has given the same players time to prepare for the news. It also seems that there is a consistent line being drawn by each and every young Sooner commitment.

"Yeah I heard about what happened, actually some of my friends texted me about it. I kind of saw it coming," Joseph Ibiloye, one of Oklahoma's most recent commitments, said. "It won't affect me at all though, I still feel the same about Oklahoma."

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