August 3, 2007

Harris ready to take the next step

In the fall of 2006 very few players had a bigger impact on Oklahoma's defense than then-sophomore Nic Harris. Now a junior Harris is arguably Oklahoma's 'big-play' defender after leading the team in interceptions in as well as being a disruptive force in run defense. See what Harris had to say today about his role with the 2007 Sooners and what he is expecting from this year's Sooners during Media day in Norman today.

Matt Hensley: How everything has been going this summer?

Nic Harris: Summer has been great, you are just trying to get bigger and faster every summer. We all try and get better every summer. Then you know try and get as much rest as you can, and let your body recoup.

MH: How do you feel about your performance this summer?

NH: It doesn't really matter to me, as long as the team gets better it doesn't matter how you feel individually.

MH: What do you see as your role with this team this year?

NH: Just to try and make everyone around me better, to listen more; be one of the leaders, one of the veterans on the team or whatever.

MH: What positions are you focusing on?

NH: Primarily me personally, I'm focusing on the free and the nickel. If coach tells me to go play defensive end, I'll go do that. If he asks me to go underwater and hold my breath for 30 minutes, I'll do that as well.

You could come out and one game and you could see me out (at linebacker).

MH: What do you think of the defensive backs being ranked as some of the best in the conference as a unit?

NH: We really don't buy into that. We really try and come in and have a great summer and fall, we can't roll our hat out there and say that 'we win'. We just got to come out and play just like everyone else.

I do feel like we have the chance to be extremely solid though, yes sir.

MH: What do you think of the defense as a whole?

NH: I think if we take it week by week, and become a cohesive unit, and understand the schemes and the progression that needs to go throughout the year. If everyone stays healthy we should be fine.

MH: Give me your thoughts on Brent Venables:

NH: Oh he comes out and he's hard on everybody but you just have to realize he is just trying to make everyone better.

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