August 4, 2007

Jenkins wants to focus on football

The off-season is over now for Vienna (W.V.) offensive lineman Josh Jenkins and after taking a trip to Myrtle Beach (S.C.) to recharge his batteries it is now time to focus on his senior season. Before heading to the beach Jenkins and his mother took a trip to Columbus for a chance to check out Ohio State. After having some time to reflect on the visit is Jenkins any closer to making a decision?

"Right now I have just been practicing football for my high school," Jenkins said. "I am just worried about winning a state championship right now."

Jenkins is still currently committed to West Virginia at this point but for all intents and purposes it appears that Jenkins will have to make a tough decision with suitors like Ohio State and Florida State among others making a strong push for the four-star lineman. Does Jenkins feel that he will be able to make it through the season before announcing his final choice or might he breakdown and make an earlier selection?

"Yeah, I will (announce) after the season," Jenkins said.

With not as much attention turned to recruiting as of late it has given the future offensive guard a chance to dedicate himself to his final season in high school. Practices are in full swing now and Jenkins is eager to get things underway.

"We have done a week of two-a-days," Jenkins said. "We're looking pretty good. You put on the pads and you feel a little different. I put on the pads for the first time yesterday because (Friday) was the first time we could put on full pads and it is a lot different without pads you know. I am doing well but just taking my time getting used to having the pads on."

The heat wave that has been in the eastern United States has not escaped West Virginia and it has been hot for the two-a-day practices.

"It's been in the 90s," Jenkins said.

Jenkins admits that he is looking forward to when it cools down later in the year and game conditions kick in rather than having to train in 90-plus degree and high humidity heat in August.

"Yeah for sure, big-guy weather (when it cools down)," Jenkins said.

While Jenkins has not put an emphasis as of late in his recruitment it hasn't stopped the Ohio State commits from getting in touch with potential fourth member of Block-O.

"I heard from (Michael) Brewster the other day," Jenkins said.

Brewster has avoided making the hard sell to Jenkins but instead opted to go with the humor route.

"Actually he told me that he saw some bum with a West Virginia shirt on and he thought it was me," Jenkins joked. "I didn't even respond, I knew he was just joking around."

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