August 6, 2007

Like father, unlike son: Off and running

We've been to two full practices, so should be able to predict the whole season now. Is this MU team better equipped to deal with the expectations than those of the past?

Mike: After one practice and one media day, all I can say is that the Missouri players and coaches are saying all the right things at this time. They haven't played a game yet and I think we have to sit on the fence until they do.

Gabe: I mean, you are right, but that's no fun. Let's go out on somewhat of a limb here. I think they can handle this because of Chase Daniel. There is finally a guy who simply won't let his team lose. At least that's what I think now. But we won't know a thing for about two months, like you said. I reserve the right to completely deny making that comment.

Who is the one player Mizzou has to have healthy?

Gabe: As much as I think Ziggy Hood could be the key to the season, I've got to go with Tony Temple. For the Tigers offense to be what we think it can, Temple has to play and play every single week. The guys behind him are decent, but they are not as good as Temple. Temple not only has to play, the coaches have to commit to letting him work through the times when he struggles.

Mike: Son, Tony Temple? I like the guy, admire his guts, but I think Derrick Washington could step in and do many of the same things right now. Really I do. I think the guy you mentioned before - that Daniel kid - is the key emotionally and strategically to this season.

Gabe: All right, I have to get time for a rebuttal. After two practices you are telling me Washington can do what Temple can do? That is just out of this world insanity. He could be a real good back, but I don't even know if he's going to play this season and I am just about positive he won't start. I know you love the Ray-Pec and the Kansas City boys, but that is just nuts.

Who is the Danario Alexander of this camp? In other words, a freshman that nobody thinks will play right now that just might play.

Mike: I'll go with Chase Patton. Nobody expects anything out of him. He's married, so perhaps he isn't operating any longer under the pressure of being the home town kid who hasn't measured up. I think he'll be the No. 2 quarterback that Missouri needs.

Gabe: Well Patton's not a freshman, but it isn't your job to follow these guys from the time they are juniors in high school, so I'll cut you some slack. For my part, I say Carl Gettis. There is a need at corner, Cornell Ford spoke very highly, he may get some extra reps with Terrell out and I think he's got a shot to see the field.

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