August 13, 2007

Henton is in the mix

There is no more visible position on a football team than the starting quarterback. Justly or not the success or lack thereof for a team sits squarely on the broad shoulders of the signal caller. For the Ohio State Buckeyes the job of quarterback is open now that Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith is in Baltimore fighting for a roster spot and four candidates for the current edition of the Buckeyes are all trying to make a mark in an all-too short fall camp.

On the surface it would appear to be a two-horse race with Todd Boeckman and Rob Schoenhoft as the front runners, each with the most time under the Jim Tressel-led system. That doesn't mean that redshirt freshman Antonio Henton is just going to sit in the wings and wait for his big chance to shine. Many observers have anointed Boeckman as the de-facto starter but in practice where it counts nobody has pulled ahead in a major way.

"We are all sticking together just like we were in the beginning," Henton said. "Nobody is separating themselves yet and we are all still getting the same amount of reps at practice. Everything is still going fine."

Henton had a less than stellar spring game where he was bitten by the turnover bug. Does his spring performance weigh heavily on him during the Fall Camp?

"I still think about (the turnovers) but you got to live life and keep going on," Henton said. "The correction I am trying to make is to be smarter with the ball and be calm. That was my first time in playing with a lot of people like that and I was nervous so this time around I need to be a lot more calm."

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