August 13, 2007

Dorrell likes what he sees in Ware

In part two, coach Karl Dorrell talks about the emerging Aaron Ware and his outstanding play of late. Darius Savage is also discussed and what it met to him to miss spring ball while he was competing on the track.

How is Aaron Ware doing?

Dorrell: "Aaron Ware is doing great. I thought he had a really good practice yesterday morning. He made a couple of big plays today. I'm pleased with Bret Lockett and Aaron. They have really progressed from the spring. Those are two guys that are starting to get a good understanding or our package and now are in position to make some plays down the field with understanding their responsibilities.

"With Chris Horton, being down, Bret Lockett getting all the extra reps with ones has really helped his development. The same thing with Aaron, with him getting an opportunity do some of those things too. Both of those guys are doing well.

How is Darius Savage doing with him missing spring and all?

Dorrell: "He's picking it up pretty well. With him missing spring that's a lot of information for him not to do and he knows that and that is his only issue right now.

"Physically, he's really good shape. He's strong and shed 20 to 25 pounds since track. He looks good running around and all those things so now it's all his technique and stuff he didn't get to work on since last fall that he is working on now. He's a little bit behind everybody in terms of that.

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