August 16, 2007

Back so soon?

A tear to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) used to be an injury that could ruin a sports career or at least keep a player out for a year, but three Razorback defenders are back on the field after only months.

Linebacker Freddie Fairchild was the first to go down. Fairchild fell backwards over a pile and buckled his knee on Sept. 9 against Utah State. He was back for spring practice in March.

Safety Michael Grant went up to defend a touchdown pass against South Carolina on Nov. 4 and came down awkwardly. Grant's injury appeared to be the worst, but his knee was in better shape than Fairchild's in the spring after only four months. On March 26 towards the end of the third practice, defensive tackle Marcus Harrison tore his ACL in scrimmage work. Tuesday, Harrison started scrimmaging again, less than five months since the injury.

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