August 19, 2007

Seniors Weigh In on Fall Camp

Seniors Weigh In

After the team chemistry issues that plagued last year's team, the seniors on the 2007 version of the Red Raiders have set out to make sure that they don't see a repeat of last year. In particular, Joe Garcia, Paul Williams, Kellen Tillman, and Danny Amendola have stepped up to ensure that this team is close knit.

Now that fall practice is roughly half-way over, how do they feel they've done?

"It's been the best camp I've ever been a part of," said Tillman, who is in his sixth camp. "This team actually likes each other and you can see it on and off the field. We may get into every now and then at practice, but that's more just about guys being too competitive. But you'll see guys going to movies together, you know, hanging out outside of football, and I think that makes a really big difference."

Williams echoed his sentiments and cited last year as motivation for better leadership.

"I think one of the big difference that I see is that we're being more proactive than reactive," said the senior. "Last year I think towards the middle of the season, we noticed that something was wrong. We decided to pull together and do something about it. I think this year we started to get it right in January before we started practice or the off-season, just to get a jump on everything. We wanted to do that so that whenever something does arise, we're always one step ahead of it. I think that's a big difference, just being prepared for any situation that's going to come up during the year."

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