August 22, 2007

Texas defense - Tops in the Big 12

Mark it down, write it in blood, or as my grandfather would say, "Put it in a pipe and smoke it, cause it the truth." The Texas Longhorn defense will be the best defense in the Big 12 and one of the Top 15 defenses in the country.

I tried to find reasons not to think that. In fact, I wanted to find reasons not to think that. I tried to look at the lackluster play of the defense in 2006. I tried to look at losing five NFL draft picks and three quarters of the defensive backfield, but I can't force myself to care.

In an effort to shame the devil and tell the truth, let me be real.

I absolutely hated the defensive scheme last year. I hated it just as much in 2005. Aaron Harris and Drew Kelson, even for all the grief they took and still take for their play in Texas' national championship season two years ago, could play with more top end speed and make more plays than they could in last year's scheme. When you couple that with the play of skilled veterans like Michael Huff and Cedric Griffin in the 2005 defensive backfield, it allowed the defense to play great at times.

In 2006 the Horns had slower linebackers and a scheme set up for fast and athletic linebackers. The linebackers' formation allowed them to get bogged up at the line of scrimmage and put too much pressure on a defensive backfield that was already slowed by injuries.

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