August 28, 2007

ASI Insider Report: Final Preparations Begin

17 seconds make all the difference (By Chris Nee,

It is no secret that Florida State has struggled with clock management in recent years. Specifically, the Seminoles have had a hard time getting to the line of scrimmage in a timely fashion and snapping the ball without burning a timeout or being assessed a delay-of-game penalty.

According to starting quarterback Drew Weatherford, there is a good explanation for those struggles.

"I think a big thing is that we had a difficult time at times the past couple of years (because) it was just different on every occasion," Weatherford said. "There wasn't a lot of consistency on how much time we would have coming out of the huddle. At times we would have to rush to the line and get plays off and there would be other moments where we would have plenty of time. So it was just kind of back and forth. Hopefully we get some consistency in that regards so people kind of have a time clock in their head and can get used to it."

With new offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher taking over the reins of the offense this season, there is a new push for consistency when it comes to breaking the huddle and executing the offense prior to the snap.

"One thing he tries to do is to give the quarterbacks as much time as possible," Weatherford said. "His goal is to give us 17 seconds as we are walking up to the line of scrimmage … By the time we break the huddle, he wants us to have 17 seconds ... That is something that definitely helps our offense out. I don't think we will have any problems (with the clock)."

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