August 29, 2007

Ben Olson catching fire

Over the last two weeks Ben Olson has picked up his game and is resembling the quarterback that many UCLA fans had hoped for when he arrived on campus after serving his LDS mission. The tall southpaw has made good decisions and has never thrown the ball better.

Bruin fans hope that he continues his progress this Saturday. If he does then the Bruins will have a very nice day.

Olson met the media after Tuesday's practice.

How do you prepare for a team like Stanford that you've never seen before?

Olson: "We think we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. We have watched some of the film of some of the places that their defensive coordinator has been at.

"We're just trying to get a beat on what we think they're going to come out and do try to get a game plan or we have the game plan for them already for them and just go out there and execute it, have fun and play some ball.

Can you tell us what a difference Coach Jay Norvell has made for you and the offense?

Olson: "Obviously every offensive coordinator brings their own style and flavor if you will to the offense they run and Coach Norvell demands a lot out of us. He expects great things out of us and he's brought an attitude that I feel is really going to help us out this year as far scoring when we have scoring opportunities and just capitalizing and making big plays when we have the chances and that's what a successful program does.

"I'm excited and we feel lucky to have Coach Norvell here and to have the opportunity to work with him.

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