August 30, 2007

Dorrell rewards walk-ons

There's not a lot left to ask or to say and the Bruins are getting closer to opening day. Camp is done, and the questions camp brings are answered and now it is time to see if this team is as good as they have appeared as camp and game week progressed.

Coach Karl Dorrell announced after practice that three walk-ons will be going on scholarship this season.

Dorrell: "Good practice with our preparation and we get another chance to do it again tomorrow, sharpen up and get ourselves ready to play. We did announce, and that is what we heard, three guys are going to be on scholarship this year.

"They are Micah Reed our backup center, Tom Blake one of our defensive ends, and Joshua Edwards one of our reserve linebackers.

"Those are the three that we have announced today and the team was excited about.

"There is even more that are just as deserving as they are and unfortunately I don't have enough to go around for everybody.

"I will keep in mind the other walk-ons who are in our program that has done a great job.

"Chris Meadows, McLeod Bethel-Thompson and Trevor Theriot those guys have done a great job. Those three guys are mentioning, but I just don't have enough (scholarships) at this point in time.

"They will be next in line that we will be looking to, but we're really excited about the three who were able to get rewarded and that is something we recruit with our walk-ons.

"We want them to feel like they will have an opportunity to help us win and be a factor in winning and we think that our walk-on program is getting better and better.

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