August 31, 2007

Rasshan ready for a change

It is always tough to make a position change. It especially tough when you are a quarterback and you played the position all your life. Add that to the fact that you believe you can play the position at the highest level makes the decision harder still. That's what sophomore Osaar Rasshan was faced when he switched from quarterback to wide receiver.

Rasshan will not only suit up as a wide receiver, but he is also the emergency team quarterback for Stanford. caught up with Rasshan during camp to discuss the position change. Osaar you are really doing an amazing job at wide receiver given the short time you have been playing it. Can you walk us through what you are doing to get up to speed?

Rasshan: "Right now my main focus is to catch the ball. Just getting adjusted to seeing the ball coming from a different view and in my off time I'm working on my routes going back and watching film and just try to get better every day with my feet. Because you get your feet, you become open.

"The main goal is to catch the ball, but also we try to get yards after the catch. Turn a 12 yard catch into a 20 or 30 yard play or a touchdown. Athletically you are off the charts and have the stuff you can't teach and though the transition is going well, it had to be tough decision to switch from quarterback to wide receiver. Can you tell us the thought process after all you have been playing quarterback all your life…

Rasshan: "Initially it was really tough on me because I wasn't forced by the coaches at all. I was honestly debating if I was going to stay at the school.

"I went in and talked to Coach Karl Dorrell and let him know about my concerns. Coach Dorrell said I can either give you your papers to transfer because of the quarterback situation or I could stay at quarterback, compete and see how the dice rolls or I could switch to receiver and still be part of the quarterback depth. He told me for the time being to get some work at wide receiver.

"At first I was thinking about transferring or even just staying at quarterback and then I look at the situation at what we have going on, especially this year and I believe I could really help the team a lot. It would have been definitely better if I would have switched in spring, but everything is for a reason and I realized that I had to come outside of myself and be a piece of the puzzle.

"I didn't want to be an I guy, I wanted to see how I can help the team. That is the most important thing. That's how you get ahead in life.

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