September 2, 2007

Kicking change?

Jeff Jagodzinski said Sunday he is looking at his team's kickoff situation and hinted strongly Billy Bennett's redshirt situation may have lasted only one game.

"There may well be (a change)," Jags told the weekly media call, a day after the Eagles beat Wake Forest.

"Giving up field position before we kick off is not a good thing."

All teams are dealing with kicking off from the 30 yard line addition to the game. But when you have a guy whose longest college field goal is 37 yards, the potential is there for a problem. The problem itself was there Saturday, leaving Jagodzinski thinking he can't afford the luxury of having Bennett for five years.

The numbers on Saturday? Aponavicius kicked off seven times for an average of 53.1 yards, meaning the average kick got only to the 17 yard line. One went out of bounds. Another skirted the sideline and bounced into the end zone for the only touchback of the day.

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