September 4, 2007

Young looks to stay strong this season

Jake Christensen has already thrown out the name Thunder and Lightening for his running back duo of Albert Young and Damian Sims. But, Young is just happy to be healthy this season and have a back like Sims ready to come in with no drop-off in production in the rushing attack. Young talks about the advantages of having Sims ready to come in, how it will help him stay fresh this season, and much more.

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Read the transcript here:

Q: When games get long, good running backs get better and you got stronger as the game went along.

AY: Oh yeah, you would like to think so. You just get into a groove and keep pounding it to the defense. Over time, they do get worn down and for Damian and I to be interchangeable that is a bigger plus.

Q: Last year, maybe the holes weren't there as much. This year it looks like you have more time to pick the hole and cutback. Can you talk about the timing this year with the offensive line?

AY: It wasn't like there were bigger holes or anything like that. I was more about us deciding that the second we see daylight that we just hit it. Yanda and those guys were good and they did a tremendous job, but it was just that the line got a push and then us making a decision to hit it hard.

Q: Syracuse gave up over 300 rushing yards last week. That has to have you licking your chops.

AY: I didn't know it was that much. Things change from game to game. Last year those guys gave us a great fight and it went into double overtime. We always want to get the run game established, but we know they are going to be prepared for it. We can't look too much into what they did last week because they were facing a completely different offense than we have. We know that we are in for a battle.

Q: Given that they had a bad loss in their home opener on national TV, do you think they are going to come in here really fired up and hoping to prove themselves even more?

AY: When you suffer a loss, you want to get in the win column as soon as possible because you don't want things to snowball. It would be the same if we were coming off a loss, because you want to get that first win. We know they are going to be coming in here ready. It is a night game and they are coming into a hostile environment to make a statement. We know that they are going to be fired up and we are going to be prepared.

Q: How much easier does it makes thing for you knowing that you have Damian around so you can stay fresh?

AY: We know that we can both carry the load. It is like if I am 70% and Damian is 100%, then there is no reason why he shouldn't be in there. You want the freshest guy in there possible. We feel confident that we have to guys to get the job done and the other guy can pick things up.

Q: It isn't about who gets more carries, but that it will keep both of you fresher long term.

AY: Oh yeah. It is a long season. We have 11 more games here and the carries do add up. The fresher that we can be at the end of the season, the better.

Q: What are your thoughts on playing another night game here this year?

AY: We are excited about it. It is something that we can get up for. But, as players, we prefer the early games.

Q: How different is the preparation for a night game?

AY: It isn't really all day. You do a lot of sitting around and thinking. You want to get out there. You don't want to exert too much energy or think about it too much. From that aspect, there is a lot more in preparing, but the game plan is going to be finished on Friday.

Q: Do you think it will help having this type of an experience?

AY: Yeah, I think it will help, but those guys are coming off a night game too so you just have to be prepared to go out there.

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