September 7, 2007

Reggie Carter has the knockout punch

Sophomore linebacker Reggie Carter should have the nickname whiplash because every time he hits a ball carrier you can see their helmet and body jerk back and forth like a crash car dummy. Carter has that ability where he just explodes into the guy with the ball.

It is hard to believe how quiet and reserved Carter is off the field then he turns into a monster on it. He is truly fun to watch unless you are a relative of the man with the ball that Carter is zeroing in on. was able get a few moments with "Whiplash" after practice this past week. How you feeling about your performance last Saturday Reggie?

Carter: "I think I did fairly well. I could have made more plays. I executed better than I did from my first game last year so it felt a lot more comfortable coming in my second year.

"I think I understand much better and I know my job much more so it is easier for me to just line up and play. How many tackles did you have?

Carter: "I had 10 tackles and two for loss. What do you think is your biggest difference from your growth from last year to now, knowledge?

Carter: "Yeah, it is really just knowledge and being able see things happening quicker and being able to read and react faster. That's the big difference. I think being in better condition and better shape also has helped. What does BYU bring to the table?

Carter: "They're a very physical football team. They have physical linemen, big physical backs that give you second and third efforts and they're an experienced group.

"They are on an 11 game winning streak and their O-line has played together for the last year or so and I just think they're going to come in ready to fight and they're not going to quit.

"They are also very aggressive and run a very different offense. Their splits are really big so they have a different blocking scheme. They just bring a little different look for what we have seen before. That some of them are older than a lot you guys, does that come into play?

Carter: "The coaches kind of let us know that they're grown men and that they are older, but they have been playing the game just as long as I have been playing the game.

"I have an understanding for it and they have understanding and we just both have to come out and play so I'm not really worried about that. What did you do in the off-season to prepare for the upcoming season because you are really coming into your own as a football player?

Carter: "I worked out hard. We have a new coach Randy Horton so he's like a speed guy so worked out a lot with him this off-season as far as trying to get more explosive and trimming down on some fat. Just getting stronger and my core stronger and being able to just last longer on the field and get my legs back faster after each play.

"So now I have a lot of endurance and explosiveness and stuff like that to help me play better in space. Do you ever talk to Solomon (Solomon Elimimian former HS teammate at Crenshaw who as a frosh All-American for Hawai'i his true freshman year) over in Hawai'i?

Carter: "Yeah, I talked to him I think before and after their first game so he's doing really good right now. He had a small little injury during camp so he only played in the first half of their first game. He told me he had about four or five tackles. He's doing pretty well over there. We keep in touch. What do you think it would have been like if he would of joined the rest of the Crenshaw guys here at UCLA?

Carter: "Yeah that would be just like high school. We would really be having fun. Solomon could have played here, right?

Carter: "Definitely no doubt about it. He's a great linebacker. He's probably one of the best in the country. He may be overlooked because he's at Hawai'i, but I'm definitely positive that he's one of the best.

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