September 9, 2007

Proud to be an Eagle

Jeff Jagodzinski had an interesting comment after Saturday's 37-17 win over Tom O'Brien and North Carolina State.

Out of nowhere, without being asked anything that would cause such a remark, the still-undefeated BC coach said: "Let me tell you something, this is a hell of a job here. I am so proud to be at Boston College."

If you couldn't tell, he was happy. And why shouldn't he be?

He was thrilled to get the job in the first place, saying he knew he'd return to BC some day as the head coach - and grateful to get the chance when O'Brien left for North Carolina State. The ACC then threw a huge roadblock in front of him and his new teams - three straight ACC games right out of the gate, the second against O'Brien and the Wolfpack.

In Week 1, Jags saw his team go down 7-0 after 14 seconds, 14-0 later in the first quarter. He then saw his guys rally and beat Wake Forest, a team O'Brien had lost to three of the last four years and the defending conference champions.

Then, Week 2. O'Brien was coming back to town. Jagodzinski kept playing the whole thing down, saying it was media hype. But you know down deep he's thinking, "God, don't let me lose this game."

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