September 18, 2007

GTech position grades, WRs shine

Quarterback: A

Matt Ryan's stellar performance (435 yards, 1 TD) Saturday on ESPN2 suddenly thrust him into the national spotlight, yet part of what makes him so special is that you get the sense he could care less about any personal recognition and achievements. A "team player" at heart, Ryan is the quintessence of the "BC Guy" that Coach Jags talked about in his first press conference. There is still a lot of football to be played, and Ryan will play an integral role in keeping this team grounded and focused as the weeks go by.

Running Backs: B+

On a day that featured a primarily air-based attack, L.V. Whitworth and Andre Callender combined for a solid night (102 yards, 2 TDs) in Atlanta. L.V. led the Eagles in points scored with his second multiple touchdown game of his career at BC. Jags promises that the offensive line will get better as the season progresses so keep looking for the backs' numbers to improve, especially against the weaker opponents in the next few weeks.

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