October 1, 2007

Big 12 Rewind

Ahhhh, it was a nice break.

You know how it is. Once you leave the office, it's tough to go back. Especially after nine months. And no, pregnancy didn't keep us away. The lack of Big 12 football did.

Sure, in the past, we've come back to talk up the non-conference games involving teams in this conference. But this year, some of the matchups were so bad that we decided to invest our time into something just as meaningless and possibly less exciting: Soccer. Futbol. Whatever it's called. It's great because we can watch it for a bit, leave for a few hours, go see a movie and come back and feel like we didn't miss a thing. Why this game hasn't caught on in today's ADHD society is beyond us.

Oh wait, what? It's the most popular sport in the rest of the world? Wow, that's sad.

So after seeing grass outgrow goals, we decided it was time to come back to the real football. Why are we talking about the Big 12 then, you ask? After looking at last weekend, maybe we should have stayed away. Is this the bizarro universe? Colorado beats Oklahoma? Kansas State beats Texas? Dewey defeats Truman? Oh wait. Judging from the first full week of Big 12 play, this season is shaping up to be one with plenty of surprises, or a lot of average-to-bad teams. Choose whichever poison you prefer. After all, girls will be boys and boys will be girls. It's a mixed up muddled up shook up world.

Except for Lola.

Lo-lo-lo-lo Lola.

L-O-L-A Lola.

Da na na na, na na na na!

Now, watch this drive!

So, what do you get when a top-five team stays within its home state the first month of the season, only to read its own press clippings and believe Heisman hype for a guy who started shaving three months ago? A team destined for BCS glory and a possible resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, that's what.

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