October 25, 2007

Insider: Dueling Tupous; Sanchez to start

If Christian Tupou enters Saturday's game at Oregon, it probably would mean that USC has a large lead. If that's the case, Oregon could have its first-team offense in, trying to play catch-up.

If the Ducks call the right play, with the right blocking scheme, there could be a Tupou-on-Tupou clash.

Christian's brother Fenuki starts at left tackle for Oregon, at 6-foot-6, 322 pounds. Christian, a true freshman defensive tackle for the Trojans, stands 6-2, 275.

"Me and him, we've had our battles at the house, and I've never won one," Christian said. "So, I think he has the advantage.

"Sometimes, when we're walking in the kitchen, we'll walk by each other, side-by-side. He'll come out of the kitchen. I'll go in. And right when we pass up each other, he'll just stare me down. That's when the tension starts.

"We don't turn back. So, we just start pushing and shoving. Pushing and shoving leads to wrestling. And wrestling leads to swinging. I've been through a lot with him."

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