October 30, 2007

Pac-Tending Plus

Two teams have emerged from the rubble - Arizona State and Oregon - and will compete for the spot at the top of the conference peak as the marquee game this week in the conference. UCLA suffered their first loss and sits on the fringe behind the two leaders as they play Arizona and try to re-group. CougZone takes you on a whirlwind tour of what's going through the minds of the conference's coaches as the season continues.

Mike Bellotti - Oregon

Personnel - None.

Quote - "I don't think you make a big deal about that, it's kind of like a hitting streak in baseball." [re: receiver Jaison Williams dropping passes].

Other Stuff - Says he's glad both running back Jonathan Stewart and Dennis Dixon are "on the radar" for the Heisman Trophy and he looks at scheme first then personnel match-ups in game planning.

Jim Harbaugh - Stanford

Personnel - None.

Quote - "We have protection issues and we'll have to get those addressed." [re: Stanford's offensive line woes in protecting the quarterback]

Other Stuff - Says when he took over as head coach, he had to change the culture to "where football mattered", the quarterback position is the most important position because he's one of the guys who touches the ball on every single play and Tavita Pritchard still has that little-kid-playing-in-the-backyard mentality..

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