October 30, 2007

Bennett clears the air

Last Tuesday, Texas A&M junior tight end Martellus Bennett said that if he was projected to go in the first or second round of the NFL Draft that he would highly consider it. He said that he would have to talk it over with his family and do what is best for him.

Bennett also said that he went shopping in Houston during the Nebraska game since he didn't travel with a high ankle sprain.

"I didn't listen to (the game). I've got ADD. It's hard to listen to the radio unless it's music. It's hard to listen to Dave South talk for an hour and a half. I just waited until Sunday to watch the film," Bennett said last Tuesday. "I went shopping for the most part. Me and roommate went to the Galleria."

This week, Bennett took exception to the way he felt he was portrayed in the media.

"The way I was portrayed last week was a negative image, like I was a selfish individual and you can ask my teammates. I've never been a selfish player or a selfish individual. It was just a negative image portrayed on me," Bennett said. "It was just a low shot making me look like I don't care about A&M and I'm ready to get out of here. I've got A&M tattooed on me, so you won't find a player that is more Aggiefied than me. I know all the school songs, the fight song and I do most of the yell leads. I got to most of the sporting events and pretty much everything."

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