November 3, 2007

Burge excited about the Tigers

Stratford DT Jimmy Burge has been quite excited to see the success of his future team, the Missouri Tigers. He said that it means a lot to him knowing that a top 10 team wanted him a part of their defense so early.

Nearly a month ago, Burge was in Columbia to watch the Tigers take on one of their biggest rivals in Nebraska. Burge said he enjoyed the trip northward and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the game.

While in town, Burge got a chance to meet some of his other 2008 classmates. The future Tigers had a good time talking and a few should see each other again in the near future.

Burge also found time before the game to chat with some of the Missouri coaches. With one, it was time to catch up with a friend, and with the other, it was about findout out what was expected from him.

Since that game, Burge has been with the Tigers' ability to keep focused on each week's game. Even though one of the games ended in a loss, Burge was happy at the way the Tigers had responded over the last two weeks.

When he hasn't been following Missouri's season, Burge has been working to help Stratford achieve their own goals. Burge said the next few weeks would be big for he and his teammates, but he added that he thought they could get it done.

As for when Burge may see Missouri in person again, he wasn't sure. He did say that if things ended up the way people thought they might, he would gladly welcome the Tigers to his home state a month from now. He joked that after that, he would follow them back to Missouri.

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